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Engine Repair Service Hydro Tec Marine offers

Hydro Tec Marine offers complete engine diagnostics and repair from the minor to the complex. Our factory trained technicians receive routine training on the lastest innovations and processes.

Advanced services are also offered in house and SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY.

Fuel Injector Cleaning

We not only flow-test and clean Yamaha outboard fuel injectors, we also offer our top-notch service for many other motorsports and automotive applications.

Keeping the fuel injectors clean and working ensures your EFI engine starts and runs the first time, every time!

Call us today for pricing and lead time. (417) 725-5746

Machine Shop

The pinnacle of repair service is a machine shop. Why replace your powerhead when it can be repaired and SAVE MONEY? Hydro Tec Marine has a complete machine shop to service your needs. Expert and experienced technicians perform all required work on the industry leading ROTTER DIAMOND HONE. Regardless of need to hone, bore, sleve, or completely rebuild a block Hydro Tec Marine does it all! When other shops send their blocks to Hydro Tec Marine for machine work you know that Hydro Tec Marine is the trusted repair shop for all your repair needs. Call (417) 725-5746 for additional information.


Our state of the art, one of a kind engine dyno provides us with the ability to not only test our high performance upgrades, but also allows us to perform critical break-in procedures after a complete rebuild of your Yamaha. 

Being able to run your power head under a load with a full diagnostic system hooked up is an absolute game changer in trouble shooting a running issue.  Instead of trying to run around the lake or river for hours on end, fighting traffic and water conditions, etc, our dyno is a completely controlled environment.  This saves the customer in extra diagnostic labor and a much higher chance of fixing your Yamaha.

Give a call to find out more! (417) 725-5746



Hydro tec Marine has become known as the experts in remanufacturing Yamaha power heads. Since 1989, every power head built is machined and assembled in-house, by Yamaha factory trained technicians.

While we have made our name rebuilding 2 stroke Yamaha’s, we are also quickly becoming one of the top rebuilders of the 4.2L 4 strokes. So whether you have a 2 stroke 40hp, or a 250 SHO 4 stroke, Hydro Tec Marine is the place to call when you need your Yamaha rebuilt!

(417) 725-5746

“Race Proven Parts and Service”

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