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Regular Maintenance saves money!

Regular maintenance procedures SAVE MONEY log term as most repairs occur due to inadeguate maintenance. Hydro Tec’s factory trained and expert technicians use original Yamaha materials in all of our service procedures.

Recommended annual service assumes “typical” use that includes varied speeds, crusing in the 3,000-4,000 rpm range, medium load, and adequate warm up and cool down. If your normal operating conditions are different (such as prolonged trolling or sustained high speeds) more frequent service should  should be considered.

Included with annual service:

Change engine oil.
Replace engine oil filter.
Evaluate fuel filter, replace as needed.
Replace lower uit gear oil.
Grease fittings.
Computer update.

Plus Hydro Tec’s 24 point inspection:

External Anodes.
Internal Anodes.
Battery Electrolyte levels.
Cooling water leakage.
Engine starting.
Engine idle.
Fuel line – high pressure.
Fuel line – low pressure.
Fuel/oil leak.
Impeller/water pump housing.
Power tilt & trim unit.
Prop nut & pin.
Shift linkage.
Spark pluds.
Ingition coils.
Shift dampener system.
Water from pilot hole.
Throttle link.
Cooling water inlet.
Emergency stop switch.
Wiring harness.
Yamaha gauges.
Timing belt.

“Race Proven Parts and Service”

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